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                          · Falun Gong and its origins
                          · Life faded in our memories
                          · Shut up all of you!
                          · Harassment goes everywhere
                          · 2007, the lost year for Falun Gong (I)
                          [So-called "Report on Harvesting Organs Live"]
                          · Why does falun Gong push 'Sujiatun organ harvesting allegation'?
                          · Queries about the sincerity and the morality
                          [Falun Gong's Serial Contests]
                          · China Association for Cultic Studies warns against int'l competition series organized by Falun Gong
                          · It is legerdemain for Falun Gong holding global contests
                          · China Association for Cultic Studies discloses truth of Falun Gong's dance competition
                          [Falun Gong Harmful to Society]
                          · Chinese satellite TV hijacked by Falun Gong cult
                          · Falun Gong TV hijacking denounced at Beijing Anti-cult Conference
                          [Falun Gong Violating Human rights]
                          · China Association for Cultic Studies solemnly condemns anti-human crimes of Falun Gong
                          · China Association for Cultic Studies condemns Falun Gong for repeatedly making inhuman tragedies
                          [International Co-operation]
                          · China Association for Cultic Studies calls on arresting Li Hongzhi once again
                          · China NGO demonstrates anti-cult signatures in Geneva
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