Since 1994, dozens of media organizations came under deliberate attacks by Falun Gong practitioners,just because they hold different opinions from Falun Gong. Ironically, one of Falun Gong's moral philosophies is "Forbearance".

                          Falun Gong Harasses People with Opposing Views

                          Pictures/news/201504/15/t20150415_2451544.htm [MORE]

                          Shut up all of you! - Issue on Freedom of Speech

                          Over 10,000 Falun Gong practitioners surrounded at the gate of Tianjin Educational College from April 19 to April 23, 1999. This event was caused by an article written by He Zuoxiu, a physical scientist and academician with the Chinese Academy of Sciences. [MORE]

                          Timeline More

                          • 4th Apr, 20144th Apr, 2014Target: Wellington newspape...

                            4th Apr, 2014

                            4th Apr, 2014

                            Target: Wellington newspaper Xiangyin

                            Reason: published articleSee Through the So-called 'Shenyun Gala' Held by 'Falun Gong' addressing that Shenyun Gala was not an artistic performance to promote the Chinese culture but a political tool to promote the Falun Gong cult and anti-China opinions as well as to amass wealth.

                            Consequence: Disciples surrounded and harassed the newspaper agency for no reason and made ransom and threatening calls to the editorsfrom the 14th of Jun to the 18th of Jul.

                          • March, 2012March, 2012Target: Malaysian General A...

                            March, 2012

                            March, 2012

                            Target: Malaysian General Assembly of Association of Chinese School Directors

                            Reason: Ye Xintian, President of the General Assembly, refused to sign the document for applying publish pass for Observer of the Falun Gong New Epoch College.

                            Consequence: Malaysian Falun Gong organization incited and gathered student to protest.

                          • 4th Oct, 20114th Oct, 2011Target: Vietnam Embassy in ...

                            4th Oct, 2011

                            4th Oct, 2011

                            Target: Vietnam Embassy in Ottawa, Canada

                            Reason: 2 Vietnamese Falun Gong disciples were facing court trial by illegally using radio station.

                            Consequence:Canadian Falun Gong group protested in the front of the Embassy.

                          • May, 2009May, 2009Target: European Religion R...

                            May, 2009

                            May, 2009

                            Target: European Religion Research and Information Center Association

                            Reason: Anti-cult professors from different countries discussed the social harmfulness on FECRIS international conference.

                            Consequence: Disciples were waiting at the conference and took pictures of the participantstrying to raise pressure.

                          • 4th Apr, 20094th Apr, 2009Target: Phoenix TV Reason:...

                            4th Apr, 2009

                            4th Apr, 2009

                            Target: Phoenix TV

                            Reason: ZhenhaiTingfeng Lu invited home and abroad professors and people from religious groups to deeply analysis Falun Gong by interview.

                            Consequence: Aroused chaos among Falun Gong organization and immediately began the attack against Phoenix TV.

                          • 23rd Nov, 200823rd Nov, 2008Target: New Zealand News Ta...

                            23rd Nov, 2008

                            23rd Nov, 2008

                            Target: New Zealand News Talk ZB Radio Station

                            Reason: Famous anchor Kohl Woodham wrote an article on the New Zealand Herald to disdain Falun Gong’s action on threatening people to attend Auckland parade.

                            Consequence: Disciples held slogans and distributed flyers outside of the radio station.

                          • 6th Feb, 20086th Feb, 2008Target: US New York Times R...

                            6th Feb, 2008

                            6th Feb, 2008

                            Target: US New York Times

                            Reason: Published New Features A Chinese Performance Difficult to Watch.

                            Consequence: Falun Gong website consecutively published more than 10 articles attacking and slandering New York Times and the author Eric Konigsberg for being notorious inhumanness.

                          • 23th Jun, 200523th Jun, 2005Target: Ukraine Opinions Ne...

                            23th Jun, 2005

                            23th Jun, 2005

                            Target: Ukraine Opinions Newspaper

                            Reason: Published article No More Privacy Walking in the Park to indicate Falun Gong’s activity held in the park.

                            Consequence: The leader of Falun Gong in the city sued the local newspaper. The court rejected the claim.

                          • 21st Jan, 200521st Jan, 2005Target: Associated Press Re...

                            21st Jan, 2005

                            21st Jan, 2005

                            Target: Associated Press

                            Reason: Published article Participants of the Tian’anmen Square Self-burning Case Receiving Media Interview, objectively reported current situation of the participants and their introspection.

                            Consequence: Falun Gong disciples demonstrated at headquarter of AP. Falun Gong media published article indicating that AP is ‘a real punk’.

                          • Dec, 2003Dec, 2003Target: Australian Chinese ...

                            Dec, 2003

                            Dec, 2003

                            Target: Australian Chinese Daily

                            Reason: Published statement made by Chinese Embassy for condemning Falun Gong.

                            Consequence:Falun Gong sued the newspaper with slander and used media to attack the staffs. On the 5th of Apr, 2006, the Court rejected the claim.

                          • 3rd Nov, 20013rd Nov, 2001Target: Canadian Overseas C...

                            3rd Nov, 2001

                            3rd Nov, 2001

                            Target: Canadian Overseas Chinese Times

                            Reason: Published a statement made by former Falun Gong female disciple He Bing.

                            Consequence: Falun Gong charged Overseas Chinese Timeswith slander. On the 7th of Dec, 2005, the Supreme Court of Quebec rejected the claim!

                          • 25th Apr, 199925th Apr, 1999Target: Zhongnanhai More th...

                            25th Apr, 1999

                            25th Apr, 1999

                            Target: Zhongnanhai

                            More than 10,000 Falun Gong disciples are organized in surrounding Zhongnanhai, targeting to the Party Central Committee and the State Council.

                            All disciples who participated in this illegal affair have received secret messages in advance. Li Hongzhi once said, "Only by listening to the Master and practicing Falun Gong at Zhongnanhai, can you eliminate the karma."

                          • 11th Apr, 199911th Apr, 1999Target: Tianjin Education C...

                            11th Apr, 1999

                            11th Apr, 1999

                            Target: Tianjin Education College

                            Reason: College Journal published article I Do Not Agree Young People Practicing Falun Gongwritten by He Zuoxiu, scientist of Chinese Academy of Sciences, quoted an example of a doctorate student of He had schizophrenia after practicing Falun Gong.

                            Consequence: Over 10,000 disciples laid siege from 19th to 23rd of Apr.

                          • 7th Jan, 19997th Jan, 1999Target: Shenyang TV Reason:...

                            7th Jan, 1999

                            7th Jan, 1999

                            Target: Shenyang TV

                            Reason: Broadcasting TV drama Choiceincluding showing the scene of the villain, a degraded and corrupted deputy secretary-general, practicing Falun Gong.

                            Consequence: TV station was laid siege by Falun Gong disciples.

                          • November, 1998November, 1998Target: BBC Reason: Broadca...

                            November, 1998

                            November, 1998

                            Target: BBC

                            Reason: Broadcasted journalist James Miles' report, pointing out that Falun Gong is the 'biggest cult' in China, warning people that Falun Gong will lead to 'cluster suicides'.

                            Consequence: Written to BBC CEO, UK ambassador in China and the British Prime Minister asking for public apologize.

                          • October, 1998October, 1998Target: Xinjiang Economic R...

                            October, 1998

                            October, 1998

                            Target: Xinjiang Economic

                            Reason: Published article More Qigong Disciples Blindly Following Others to Ease Pain, Who Will Investigate the Truth.

                            Consequence: Newspaper office was laid siege by several batches.

                          • July 6th, 1998July 6th, 1998Li Hongzhi said in his Dig ...

                            July 6th, 1998

                            July 6th, 1998

                            Li Hongzhi said in his Dig the Truth that, "Some newspapers, radio and TV stations....are sabotaging Falun Gong...we cannot ignore the deliberating action...Beijing disciples took a special action to stop the other destroy Dafa, and they did not do anything wrong."

                          • 4th Jun, 19984th Jun, 1998Target: Health Digest Reaso...

                            4th Jun, 1998

                            4th Jun, 1998

                            Target: Health Digest

                            Reason: Reprinted article What is Falun Gong on Qilu Evening News.

                            Consequence: Over a thousand of Falun Gong disciples protested outside of the newspaper office. The office resisted the pressure and refused to apologize.

                          • 1st, 3rd of Jun, 19981st, 3rd of Jun, 1998Target: Qilu Evening News R...

                            1st, 3rd of Jun, 1998

                            1st, 3rd of Jun, 1998

                            1st, 3rd of Jun, 1998

                            Target: Qilu Evening News

                            Reason: Published What is Falun Gong and other 4 relevant articles.

                            Consequence: The newspaper office was laid siege by over 2000 Falun Gong disciples.


                          • 24th May, 199824th May, 1998Target: BTV Reason: Discipl...

                            24th May, 1998

                            24th May, 1998

                            Target: BTV

                            Reason: Disciples protested outside the TV station because one program unveiled footage of Falun Gong.

                            Consequence: Affecting the normal operation of the TV station and Li Bo, the producer of the program, was fired.

                          • 17th of Jun, 199617th of Jun, 1996Guangming Daily published a...

                            17th of Jun, 1996

                            17th of Jun, 1996

                            Guangming Daily published article Alarms Shall be Raised to Oppose Pseudo-science—A Topic Derived from the Book Falun Gong, which received over 900 offensive letters written by Falun Gong disciples. Li Hongzhi even wrote an article Full-Disclosure using the sentence of 'Do not be afraid, the body can remain meditated even though we lose our heads' to instigate the disciples.



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